The Russian presidential election and how I saw it.

Russian Election

I remember when I was a child, I would sometimes accompany my parents to the voting stations on election day – which would always be at the local government school – I remember armed soldiers and the reserve police force occupying the whole area as scores of people lined up to choose their government. I guess the scenery is still the same In India – although I have not seen an election center for many years now.

It was not

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Salisbury poisoning, a conviction without any trial.

Salisbury Poisoning

I was sitting in a Café, having lunch with my wife, we just came back from the local market with two bags full of vegetables – most people are following lent now in Russia which means no animal produce or Sex for 46 days. We were not sure about the sex part but decided to keep away from the meat and the dairy products anyways to see if that has any positive effect on our health. We occupied one of

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